Australian Federal Government Mobile Network Hardening Program

Back-up power resiliency for 341 regional and remote mobile base stations upgraded with Australian batteries and industry-leading Active Management system.

Our client's challenge

Mobile towers located in many regional areas face some of the harshest conditions in Australia with searing temperatures. In the wake of the Black Summer bushfires, it was found that only three percent of the mobile tower outages were due to fire damage. The main reason for the loss of networks resulted from the mains power being out.

In 2021 the Australian Federal Government funded a national project $13.2million initiative Mobile Network Hardening Program to extend the battery back-up for mobile base stations in regional and remote areas across Australia.

SunGEL Ultra batteries and asset management system in Cedartown, Queensland

The solution

As part of the $13.2million initiative working with Telstra, Battery Energy deployed 22 MWh of Batteries and Active Management Solutions to provide twelve hours of backup power for a minimum of ten years across varied sites nation-wide. Due to the critical nature of the program, a solution was required that had remote management and transparency to the remote sites.

Battery Energy built and supplied over 8,500 SunGEL Ultra batteries in four months in combination with an embedded Battery Energy Asset Management system to actively keep the battery systems balanced and remotely managed.

However, unlike other energy storage systems on the market, these batteries are not reliant on the management system and should the management system go off line during a natural disaster, the critical back up power will continue to operate.

“We use Battery Energy SunGEL batteries in our most remote locations of Australia. It was important to ensure we were using a trusted technology that was proven to withstand harsh conditions. These batteries combined with the active monitoring allows us to ensure Australians remain connected when it matters most.“

– Glenn Bohannon, National Senior Contracts Manager, Telstra

The results

Solution components

1. Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution, consisting of:

2. Battery Energy Consultancy on site



Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. They build and operate telecommunications networks and offer voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other products and services. They operate one of the largest networks in the world.

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