SunGEL Ultra Batteries

A safe and superior storage system with a life expectancy to meet the demands of heavy cycling for both on and off grid solar applications.

Australian designed solar batteries with lead carbon-catalyst technology

Introducing SunGEL Ultra. Now with 35% longer cycle life, the newest generation of SunGEL batteries has an industry leading cycle life at 5,950 cycles under recommended operation and settings. The robust Thick Plate design with Advanced Carbon-Catalyst technology will deliver a battery with a premium 20-year design life.

For over 30 years, Battery Energy has delivered a proven and reliable battery. Through ongoing development, we continue to ensure the SunGEL range remains the best choice for solar, cycling and critical long life applications.

35% longer cycle life

Positive grid corrosion and negative plate sulphation are the main causes of failure in a VRLA battery. With this in mind, we have relaunched our batteries with Advanced Carbons to reduce sulphation, improve cycling and assist recharge, manufacturing a product that will last for thousands of cycles and provide reliable energy for many years of service.

Proven resilience in high temperature

Along with superior deep cycle and float performance, SunGEL Ultra batteries also feature Micro Catalyst Technology to decrease required charging float currents, therefore optimising battery efficiency and minimising corrosion.

These features plus the Ultra Thick positive plate provide resilience against corrosion and high temperatures prolonging their life in extreme applications. Without the need for external cooling to compensate, these batteries will perform supremely in temperatures up to 55°C.

Their gelled electrolyte prevents drying out, unlike other technologies, and allows your battery to operate for long periods maintenance free.

Flexible block sizes

Our SunGEL Ultra battery range comes in 2V, 4V, 6V and 12V blocks giving you greater flexibility when designing a new system or connecting to an existing system.

Proven, reliable power for solar applications

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO and optimised over 30 years for high performance, reliability and long life.

Guaranteed quality. Fully charged and ready for deployment

Triple QA process from manufacture to 100% cell testing as well as individual battery identification number.

Industry leading warranty with local Australian support

Standard 12 year warranty. Local sales and technical support direct from Battery Energy based in Sydney, Australia.

Maintenance free, safe energy

Built with non-spillable gelified electrolyte, spark arrestor in the safety valve and ABS UL94V-0 flame retardant container.

Built for long life in extreme temperatures

Australian solar batteries designed with high quality components for harsh conditions. 20 years design life at 25°C.

Better return on investment

A long term competitive pay off over the lifespan of the battery.

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