PowerLYTE Batteries

When an outage is out of the question, PowerLYTE batteries keep you running without interruption. With a 15 year design life, we have you covered.

Premium AGM batteries for standby applications

In the event of an emergency you need to ensure your backup power source is reliable to protect you and your investment. Battery Energy PowerLYTE batteries are specifically designed to ensure your critical systems don’t skip a beat when something goes wrong.

With a 15 year design life, you can count on PowerLYTE batteries to back you up. These high performance, long life batteries provide high amounts of current on short notice with long runtime as well as excellent recovery from deep discharge and ultra fast charging rates.

Power for mission critical and standby applications

Often overlooked, the standby power is one of the most important subsystems in your mission critical application. With applications that require minimal cycling and long periods in float mode, PowerLYTE batteries are designed for small and medium rack power systems, roadside access and fibre cabinets, UPS and data centres as well as emergency power, switching and lighting.

Longer life. High performance.

One of the challenges with backup power is that the battery needs to sit idle for long periods just waiting for an outage. The design of PowerLYTE battery’s Thick Plate combined with Advanced Carbon-Catalyst Technology means that while your battery sits idle waiting to be used, it suffers less sulphation and corrosion. This results in your battery having a longer life span of 15 years at 25°C - longer than most AGM technologies.

Rack mountable with small footprint

Fitting into small spaces is not a problem. The integrated handles help ensure your team can safely lift PowerLYTE batteries. The slim design takes up minimal space and can fit into 19” racks either mounted vertically or horizontally. The front terminal design (PLFT) makes it easy to connect your battery as well as ensuring the minimal space requirement to meet safety standards.

Front terminal connection with strong power density

Easy installation for racks and cabinets with compact footprint providing maximum power efficiency.

Low self discharge

PowerLYTE batteries can be stored for long periods with out charging as they have low 3% discharge per month at 25°C.

Ready to ship stock from Sydney, Australia

We hold stock of the complete PowerLYTE range in our local warehouse.

Maintenance free, safe energy

Built with safety valve and ceramic filter and ABS UL94V-0 sealed flame retardant container.

Guaranteed quality. Fully charged and ready for deployment

Triple QA process from manufacture to 100% cell testing as well as individual battery identification number.

Proven reliable power

For over 30 years, Australian designed for high performance, reliability and long life.

Applications for PowerLYTE batteries