Major Mobiles Carrier

Major Mobiles Carrier

Powering Australia’s first 5G network

As a major telco, our client is one of the first in the world to enable end-to-end 5G standalone across its network. Their focus is to deliver the next revolution in connectivity for their clients by deploying an industry leading network that is cost effective and efficient.

Our client's challenge

5G will transform the way we live and work. This next generation in mobile technology brings stronger network reliability, faster downloads and support for more connected devices than ever before. To enable these benefits, the power demands of 5G sites are significantly increased. The typical power consumption of a 5G base station is three times 4G LTE, largely due to massive antenna arrays.

The challenge was to implement a next generation, efficient power solution with intelligent leading-edge energy optimisation to support a power-hungry network while minimising costly AC mains cable upgrades to the existing equipment.

PowerLYTE battery string

The solution

Our client required an advanced solution with minimal deployment time and maximum cost savings. By combining Battery Energy and Enatel expertise a complete power management solution was developed in collaboration.

This system features Enatel’s patented Dynamic Phase Balancing Technology and high efficiency rectifiers allowing for optimal use of AC mains power.  This increases the site resiliency, without the need of significant outlay. The advanced system capability balances site electrical loads across all available electrical phases. When the site AC input breaker wants to trip due to AC load exceeding supply availability, the system drops back the load on the particular phase in question and then draws, if necessary, from the site batteries.

Furthermore, in order to avoid voltage losses, 48V to 60V DC-DC converters are provided to minimise the considerable losses in the cable run to the cell tower.

Ensuring the solution is deployed with minimal onsite labour costs, all components are built and tested in Enatel’s Christchurch, New Zealand factory with modifications, final configuration and re-testing performed in Battery Energy’s Sydney facility. Once deployed, the Enatel Energy Manager provides advanced remote monitoring control on the system’s health with each battery cell individually managed.

The system is completed with Battery Energy PowerLYTE+ batteries. These batteries are engineered to suffer less sulphation, corrosion and to prevent drying out, ensuring they last. The innovative plate design and Advanced Carbon-Catalyst Technology creates optimum charge efficiency and prolongs their life in higher temperature applications.

The results

Our client avoided an approximate $100,000 AC mains cable upgrade, as a direct result of the innovative Dynamic Phase Balancing feature. While most systems would trip circuit breakers due to the sudden current surge from existing or new equipment, the Battery Energy/Enatel solution enables our client to provide continued supply of power for when absolutely necessary and delivering an always on, reliable network. The significance of this solution allows our client to defer expensive capital outlay for their sites requiring AC mains upgrades.

Onsite labour costs were also significantly reduced thanks to the innovative design and pre-configuration by Battery Energy and Enatel which provided our client peace of mind knowing their solution will be delivered free of issues. As standard with all Battery Energy projects, the solution was delivered with comprehensive onsite work instructions ensuring installing the system is straightforward.

To avoid costly heavy lifting equipment, the rack design distributes the weight of the system evenly. This allows the Battery Energy/Enatel solution to be positioned easily compared to other solutions on the market.

$100,000 savings in upfront capital costs

New technology implementation without the need for AC mains upgrade

Lower onsite labour costs

Innovative design. Quality manufacturing. Local support

Individual battery cell monitoring

Advanced remote battery monitoring reduces battery maintenance


Major Mobiles Carrier

This client is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. They build and operate telecommunications networks and offer voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other products and services. They operate one of the largest networks in the world.

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