PowerBASE energy system

Australian designed BESS with multiple energy input/output options allowing you to create a flexible energy solution specific to your needs.

Scalable, self-contained on or off grid power system

The Battery Energy PowerBASE system is a tailor-made, modular energy and storage solution. It allows the end user to tailor their energy storage needs to their specific requirements, whether that's a small facility or a large industrial complex.

With multiple feed options, the PowerBASE system can optimise energy use and reduce costs by leveraging the most cost-effective energy source available at any given time. The system can also be connected to multiple loads, or points of use, such as buildings, networks, and or electrical distribution networks.

As a scalable, modular energy storage system, the PowerBASE solution can be easily expanded to meet growing energy and storage needs by adding more inverters or battery units. This allows for a more cost-effective solution. A single system can be expanded as needed and can deliver between 5kWh to 700kWh of usable battery energy up front. The energy storage can also be designed with a combination of GEL lead acid batteries as well as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.

The PowerBASE system can help improve the bottom line of your business by reducing energy costs, increasing resilience and potentially generating revenue by supplying grid services.

Increased flexibility and independence

By becoming less dependent on the grid, the PowerBASE system helps you achieve energy independence. Ensuring continuity of operations, the system allows continued operation even when the grid is down or energy disruptions occur. The ready to install, fully self-contained system, means you can deliver energy saving and stability fast.

To ensure the system is operating at its peak performance, each battery has its own built-in management to maintain the battery’s life and efficiency. The advanced battery self-management system (BMS) helps protect your investment by ensuring optimal operating parameters for temperature and charging to prevent critical problems. This helps extend the life of your battery system as well as ensuring they are safe and reliable.

Helping you avoid expensive and unnecessary maintenance programs, the entire installation is effectively monitored and controlled remotely allowing adjustment of critical parameters and reporting general system performance. Your investment is protected by the remote alarm system.

Improved energy management

Make more efficient use of energy and reduce energy costs through peak shaving and energy smoothing. The PowerBASE system allows you to use stored energy during peak demand periods as well as energy smoothing techniques to balance the energy supply and demand over time.

Because the PowerBASE system is self-contained, it can be positioned where you need it. This can help reduce energy loss by storing energy when it is generated and releasing it when it is needed, instead of transmitting it over long distances.

This improved energy management helps to reduce electricity costs, increase energy efficiency, and improve the stability and reliability of the power grid.

Reduce your carbon footprint

By harvesting energy from renewable sources, the PowerBASE system helps your organisation achieve your ESG goals. The PowerBASE helps you transition to a more sustainable energy system allowing you to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels.

Energy independence

A long term competitive pay off over the lifespan of the system through increased energy efficiency as well as improved stability and reliability of the power grid.

Scalable, modular design

The flexible system can be built to produce power ratings from 5kW to 500kW. Scale up or down as you need it.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Achieve your ESG targets by transitioning to a more sustainable energy system.

Easy installation and commissioning

Triple QA process from manufacture to 100% cell testing as well as individual battery identification number ensures your system is fast to deploy with little hassle.

Australian designed for safety and reliability

Leveraging Battery Energy’s batteries with stable, high quality chemistries gives you safe, reliable power. Compliant with Australian Standards.

Industry leading local Australian support

Accessible subject-matter experts for efficient troubleshooting and support direct from the manufacturer. On-site support available if required.

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Applications for PowerBASE energy system

  • Commercial and industrial
  • EV charging