RailGEL Ultra Batteries

Robust power solutions designed to meet the challenges of high temperature and vibration in railway rolling stock, on-board and trackside applications.

Premium GEL batteries for rail applications

Batteries for rail applications must withstand harsh and variable operating conditions including vibration, shock, broad temperature ranges as well as rapid temperature changes.

Australian designed to provide high performance and maximum reliability, the new generation RailGEL Ultra battery range are the ideal solution for your rail application. With long life Thick Plate design and Advanced Lead Carbon-Catalyst Technology, these GEL batteries will provide safe and efficient operation every time.

Ultimate in cycling and standby performance

With Advanced Carbon-Catalyst Technology, the RailGEL Ultra range offer you an efficient and effective power source for when you need it. The combination of the Ultra Thick positive plate design and Advanced Carbons minimise sulphation and positive grid corrosion resulting in improved cycling and faster recharge times. The result is a battery which charges efficiently and lasts longer even at high temperatures.

Thanks to the gelled electrolyte and implementation of the Catalysts, drying out is prevented. Your batteries will continue to operate maintenance free for long periods – even in extreme conditions.

Safety assured

The safety of your passengers and staff are our highest priority. When compared to flooded cell batteries, VLRA batteries have about 60 times less hydrogen emissions making RailGEL Ultra batteries your safer option. Combining this with Battery Energy Advanced Carbon-Catalyst Technology, the risk of hydrogen build up is minimised even further due to the gas recombination feature.

Safety features are built into RailGEL Ultra batteries as standard such as the flame-retardant container, which is non-toxic and halogen free as well as the built in ceramic filter to prevent spark ingress through the safety valve. These batteries have been tested and conform to Rail Industry Standards related to passenger trains (EN 45545-1/2 2013).

Vibration tested and approved

Constant vibration is a major problem with rolling stock on steel tracks. Our lock bonded plates reduce the likelihood of plate degradation caused by vibration. RailGEL Ultra batteries are also designed with a special retention system to protect against paste shedding making them capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions.

These batteries have been suitably tested to IEC 61373 shock and vibration standards ensuring they will perform no matter where they are installed.

Guaranteed quality. Fully charged and ready for deployment

Triple QA process from manufacture to 100% cell testing as well as individual battery identification number.

Industry leading warranty with local Australian support

5 year full replacement warranty for Trackside and Passenger Rollingstock. Local sales and technical support direct from the manufacturer.

Maintenance free, safe energy

Built with non-spillable gelified electrolyte, leak free epoxy sealed terminations, spark arrestor in the safety valve and PPO UL94V-0 flame retardant container.

Built for long life in extreme conditions

Australian designed with high quality components to survive high temperatures and vibration. 20 years design life at 25°C.

Custom designed to suit your application

Our Engineering and Design team work with you to develop a solution to meet your energy storage needs.

Better return on investment

A long term competitive pay off over the lifespan of the battery.

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