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Products designed to survive vibration and heat in critical rolling stock and many trackside applications

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In your industry there is a critical balance needed between performance, reliability and total cost of ownership. You need reliable batteries and robust power solutions for your critical rolling stock and stationary applications as well as many trackside site applications.

Understanding the importance of your infrastructure and the destructive effects of equipment downtime, we’ve designed our products to survive vibration and heat as well as be resistant to paste shedding.

Railway locomotives with large diesel engines need high quality starter batteries to ensure teams are not sitting idle. You need to know the battery will start your engine the first time, every time.

To ensure there is no damage to the engine components, the Battery Energy systems are robust enough to deliver a smooth engine start, even with the sheer weight of the moving parts and the resistance of the pistons.

Our battery systems are built for reliability to ensure your team keep moving.

In locomotives and passenger rolling stock the battery system you choose is critical. You need to be able to depend on it to provide emergency backup power and to essential auxiliary systems when the main power supply is not available.

Our batteries deliver the power you need for emergency lighting and ventilation in passenger and crew areas as well as ensure your passenger doors remain functional. Our battery power systems also ensure the operation of driver display unit and controls, event recorders, video surveillance and fire systems.

Battery condition monitoring ensures state of health reporting is readily available and the system is optimised for best performance. To help with space efficiency, our systems can be installed in a roof assembly, underfloor Installation or by mounting inside the train.

Reliable power supply equipment and systems are critical for safety and on-time running.

With over 30 years experience in delivering rail projects, we know that your battery system for your trackside application must survive the extreme heat and vibration.

Battery Energy power systems are designed to handle power supply interruptions for signalling systems, including telemetry, train describers, passenger information systems and event loggers.

For remote installations where no power is available, we design solar hybrid power systems for trackside applications.

Why choose Battery Energy power solutions

Battery Energy works with leading train manufacturers and has delivered railway projects across Australia.

With many years of industry experience, we can deliver solutions for installing, commissioning, maintaining and decommissioning power solutions of your fleet of trains.  More importantly, our expertise can help you foresee and avoid issues.

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