Department of Defence

Department of Defence

Powering communications systems for effective training

Tasked with providing military capabilities to protect and advance Australia’s strategic interests, the Australian Department of Defence relies on its communication systems to deliver training across its ranges in remote areas. The Battery Energy Solar Solution helps power critical communication systems to enable safe and effective training programs.

Our client's challenge

The Standard Training Area Range Safety Network (STARSN) project is developed by the Australian Department of Defence to improve the military training areas to support Defence capabilities. Many of these training ranges as are in remote areas of Australia with no power grid available, the Department of Defence required a solution with minimal maintenance and the ultimate in reliability.

The Department of Defence needed a solution that would provide primary power to their communication infrastructure. The most challenging part of the project was terrain that was often rocky, uneven and sloping as well as locations in the tropics which were subject to cyclonic wind loading.  With many of the sites only accessible by helicopter, any solution developed had to be as light as possible and assembled using only small hand tools.

Solar Hybrid Solution for communications system for Department of Defence

The solution

The Battery Energy team were selected to deliver the Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution and work alongside approved and certified partner, Imark Communications, to build a world class solution for the Department of Defence.

Built for tough environments, the Solar Hybrid Solution was designed to withstand cyclonic windspeeds up to 170kph as well as the ability for each leg of the unit able to be adjusted for inclinations of up to 20° allowing it to sit securely on uneven surfaces. With the system being installed in many mountain tops, it featured lightning arrestors on the antenna and solar DC inputs to protect the unit from damaging lightning strikes.

The total solution is powered by Battery Energy SunGEL batteries which have proven to last 16 years in some of the most remote locations across Australia. The Department of Defence continue to depend on Battery Energy as they repeatedly deliver reliable products and solutions that are proven to last.

The results

The Battery Energy system has been instrumental in ensuring Defence personnel are able to communicate safely during military training exercises.

With over 80 installations of the Battery Energy Solar Solution across Australia, the Department of Defence has saved significant labour cost as this equipment located in remote areas only needs annual maintenance. They can rest assured that their communication infrastructure is robust enough to withstand the harsh climate including cyclonic weather.

Significant cost savings

System designed for minimal maintenance with only annual inspections required

Faster deployment

Modular components are 100% tested and pre-configured only requiring 3 installers and small hand tools onsite

Reduced complexity

Battery Energy is accountable for the total integrated solution reducing risk for Department of Defence

Solution components

1. Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution, consisting of:

  • Battery Energy SunGEL batteries - 5,600Ah of Australian batteries with 20 year design life
  • Outdoor battery enclosures
  • Region D solar arrays and 20kW of solar panels

2. Battery Energy Consultancy on site


Department of Defence

The Australian Department of Defence is a department of the Government of Australia headed by the Secretary of the Department of Defence. Along with the Australian Defence Force, it is charged with promoting the security of Australia, protecting its people and national interests.

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