Our history

Over 30 years of experience delivering innovation

Established in 1987, Battery Energy commenced as a specialist battery development and manufacturing company.

From the outset, our objective was to develop maintenance-free GEL battery technology which would substantially increase battery life in harsh climatic conditions.  Over the years, Battery Energy’s technology has been significantly enhanced through research, ongoing development and improved proprietary manufacturing techniques.

Today, we offer and design a complete range of industrial batteries with the technical expertise and flexibility to adapt existing products to suit our client’s needs, focusing on optimising clients’ investments, while delivering a world-leading solution.

Battery Energy is an award-winning, market leader in energy storage and is the only industrial GEL battery manufacturer in Australia. Our integrated manufacturing and support facility in Sydney is now bolstered by increased capacity through dual manufacturing capability in the South of China.

Our timeline

Battery Energy business established

Headquarters and manufacturing facility set up in Sydney, Australia. Commenced the production of reliable Australian battery technology.


Battery Energy and CSIRO partnership

Strategic partnership to deliver a gelled VLRA battery with substantially increased life in extreme climatic conditions.


ISO 9001 accreditation achieved

Standards and QA procedures implemented to ensure the highest level of product integrity.


First Australian made GEL battery delivered

Battery Energy and CSIRO develop the industry leading first Australian made VLRA GEL battery.


Large GEL battery range introduced

800Ah through to 4500Ah


Winner of International ILZRO Award

SunGEL batteries deliver reliable and sustainable energy to remote Peruvian Amazon region.


Awarded $12M communications contract

National deployment of SunGEL batteries in unforgiving off-grid environments for primary power solutions.


Major factory upgrade

Leading edge technology and processes introduced in Sydney, Australia facility.


PowerLYTE AGM battery range introduced

Premium reserve power batteries to protect critical systems when needed most.


RailGEL battery range introduced

Robust battery solutions designed to meet the challenges of high temperature and vibration in railway rolling stock and passenger applications.


Mining giant awards Australian manufacturer

The SunGEL range of batteries and enclosures was rolled out when Australian mining giant decides to opt for solar energy over power lines.


Strategic PRC manufacturing agreement

After considerable due diligence, key partnership set up to facilitate rapid expansion and supply chain security.


Awarded first storage in Solar Cities Program

Battery Energy system was designed and installed using GEL VRLA batteries at the Bendigo Solar Park to test the feasibility of storing energy.


Awarded $6m rail contract

NSW passenger trains decide on RailGEL batteries for emergency control and lighting back up.


First production from PRC facility

After years of development, analysis and approval the first GEL batteries from our dual production facility.


12v front terminal GEL range introduced

Developed to fulfil a market demand for a high temperature tolerant 12vfront terminal battery.


2v 1000Ah high energy density cell developed

To satisfy requirements of less real estate available and an increase in power demand. Industry leading 48V 1000Ah (50kWh) in 600mm x 600mm foot print.


GEL OpzV range introduced

Battery Energy completes its GEL ranges with the addition of the International standard OPzV cases.


Carbons introduced

Battery technology advanced to include carbons to increase efficiency and provide industry leading lifespan.


Battery Energy International established

The need to satisfy increasing demand from offshore.


Strategic Stand Alone Solar System Development

Onsite at Battery Energy premises in Sydney.  A 15kW – 260kWh stand alone power system to, develop, test, remotely monitor and showcase Battery Energy’s capability to support a solution that would normally be 1000s of kms away.


Systems Configuration Centre built

A key investment in state of the art technology to enable delivery of customised power and energy solutions.


Awarded major solar hybrid contract of 80+ sites

Radio networks around Australia are critical to organisations who cannot afford to be offline. The Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution for primary power helps customers stay connected – even in the most remote areas of Australia.


Awarded design and build for 5G rack power solution

5G will transform the way we live and work. With the upgrade to power hungry 5G technology there is the requirement mobile base stations need to be upgraded to larger power systems consisting of smart rack power and battery systems. Battery Energy was awarded the design and build through its ability demonstrate its capability to deliver and support this increasingly demanding sector.


Battery Energy Ultra GEL battery range released

After years of success and ongoing development with the ever reliable SunGEL battery range, SunGEL Ultra is launched. The newest generation of SunGEL Ultra batteries have a 35% increased cycle life.