Telstra Radio Network

Telstra Radio Network

Keeping Australia connected for an always on network

Telstra radio networks around Australia are critical to organisations who cannot afford to be offline – like emergency services, government networks, local councils and commercial enterprises. Using the Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution for primary power helps Telstra keep their customers connected – even in the most remote areas of Australia.

Our client's challenge

With target operating levels to service over 99.3% of the population, Telstra relies on cost efficient solar hybrid solutions to deliver continuous power for mobile base stations in areas with limited or no conventional electricity source.

Telstra's radio sites are located in the some of the most remote areas of Australia and extreme environment conditions to contend with. They look to partner with teams who they can trust to deliver expertise and high quality solutions guaranteed to work with minimal labour on site. In such remote areas, there is little to no margin for error.

Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution for Telstra

The solution

Telstra selected the Battery Energy team to design and deploy world class power solutions. The Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution delivers continuous energy-efficient operation for Telstra’s off-grid network with a modular system allowing for expansion if increased power capacity is required. The solution incorporates industry leading power components together with Battery Energy SunGEL batteries - technology Telstra has relied on for over 20 years.

With the capability to deliver a complete solution from a single vendor, Telstra rests assured the Battery Energy solution is ready to power the network as soon as it has left the Sydney facility. Every product undergoes rigorous tests, pre-delivery configuration and commissioning.

The remote monitoring capability allows the systems to be effectively managed centrally at the global operations centre. This enables real-time reporting on general performance and adjustments in critical parameters to optimise efficiency.

Built to last, the Solar Hybrid Solution endures the toughest conditions with extreme temperatures, rugged terrain, cyclones and flooding in remote Australian locations ensuring Telstra’s customers remain connected.

The results

Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solutions provide power to deliver mobile coverage to a large number of regional and remote communities who, for the first time, will be able to access fast mobile voice and data services. The improved coverage is increasing access to new technologies for key regional sectors like agriculture, transport, mining and tourism – technologies which rely on a fast and reliable mobile network.

By using Battery Energy pre-configuration and deployment methodology, Telstra significantly reduced their onsite labour costs providing peace of mind that the solution would be installed without issues.

As with any Battery Energy project, detailed work instructions and documentation are provided resulting in faster deployment and easier trouble shooting for onsite contractors.

Significant cost savings

Minimal onsite connections with comprehensive work instructions reduce the hours on site

Faster deployment

Modular components that are 100% tested and pre-configured eliminating timely commissioning on site

Reduced complexity

Telstra has a single vendor accountable for the total integrated solution

Solution components

1. Battery Energy Solar Hybrid Solution, consisting of:

  • Battery Energy SunGEL batteries - 7000Ah of Australian designed Advanced Carbon – Catalyst batteries
  • Outdoor IP rated enclosures for Power and Batteries
  • Power Enclosure with solar regulators, AC/DC distribution with remote control and monitoring module
  • Region D solar arrays and 20kW of solar panels
  • Generators

2. Battery Energy Consultancy on site


Telstra Radio Network

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company. They build and operate telecommunications networks and offer voice, mobile, internet access, pay television and other products and services. They operate one of the largest networks in the world.

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