Battery Energy ends partnership with Gelion

Battery Energy ends partnership with Gelion

Battery Energy Power Solutions has decided not to proceed with its partnership with Gelion Technologies for the Gelion Endure product, citing divergent commercial objectives.

March 5, 2024
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Battery Energy Power Solutions announces that after three-plus years of collaboration, it has decided not to proceed with the partnership with Gelion Technologies to produce the Gelion Endure product.

"Our journey with Gelion Technologies has been a valuable learning experience," said Adrian Edgar, Executive Director of Battery Energy. "While we are proud to have contributed to the development of the Gelion Endure products, our respective commercial objectives have led us to take different paths. As a result, we have mutually agreed to end our partnership."

While Battery Energy is proud to have contributed to the development of Gelion's products and their formal public listing, both companies have decided to part ways due to divergent commercial objectives.

"We extend our thanks to Thomas Maschmeyer, John Wood, and the entire Gelion team for the opportunity to collaborate. We wish them success in their new direction," Gaby Peimer, Managing Director of Battery Energy

Battery Energy will continue to focus on the significant growth of the business through technology developments and system’s integration, coupled with our core product lines to concentrate on meeting the growing demands of our customers.

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For over 35 years in Australia, Battery Energy Power Solutions have proudly designed, developed, and delivered premier energy storage solutions to exceed the needs of today and into the future. Battery Energy offer a flexible product range, together with design capabilities, project management and value-add services.

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