First industrial product for Gelion Endure completed by Battery Energy Power Solutions

First industrial product for Gelion Endure completed by Battery Energy Power Solutions

Pilot plant for Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2 ) GEL batteries completed on schedule for 2 MWh system

December 6, 2022
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Australian battery manufacturer, Battery Energy Power Solutions, is delighted to announce the first commercial batch of Gelion Endure batteries have been produced from their Sydney factory.

“It is an exciting time, for not only Gelion and Battery Energy Power Solutions, but for the entire industry. Battery Energy Power Solutions has manufactured lead acid batteries in Australia for 35 years. Ever since the big battery was installed in South Australia we knew we needed to build a battery chemistry to compete with the dominant lithium systems in the Energy Storage market today.” — Adrian Edgar, Executive Director for Battery Energy

Gelion Endure Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2) batteries offer significant advantages that will shift the market. These batteries have an exceptional cycle life with the possibility of being higher than lithium systems. The production costs for the Endure batteries are competitive and expected to be lower than lithium.

Developed in Australia to safely survive harsh climates, the chemistry of these batteries allow them to operate in high temperature environments without the need for cooling and have no risk of exploding.

Environmentally, zinc bromide batteries, like lead acid batteries, use low cost and readily available materials with no resource constraint making them more sustainable. Also, both battery types are conventional and 100% recyclable.

By leveraging the established production techniques for lead acid battery technology, Battery Energy Power Solutions will expedite product and minimise the required capital to create the Endure cell. Aligning with the design process for lead acid batteries ensures the Endure batteries fit into standard lead acid racking systems.

“With more than 2 years in the making, the partnership between Gelion and Battery Energy Power Solutions brings innovation and technology excellence, together with manufacturing experience and an install knowledge in the harshest environments in Australia.” — Gaby Peimer, Managing Director for Battery Energy

Following the ongoing testing and fulfilled supply contract to Acconia Energia, we are anticipating the Gelion Endure battery products will be available for full commercial deployment mid to late 2023.

About Battery Energy Power Solutions

For over 35 years in Australia, Battery Energy Power Solutions have proudly designed, developed, and delivered premier energy storage solutions to exceed the needs of today and into the future. Battery Energy offer a flexible product range, together with design capabilities, project management and value-add services.

About Gelion Technologies

Gelion Technologies provides a low-cost, safe and long-life energy storage solution. Gelion is owned by Gelion UK, a joint venture between management and Armstrong Energy, who oversee the corporate governance and funding of the business, as well as assisting in long-term strategic planning. Gelion is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

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