Off Grid Solar Systems power solutions

Australian designed off grid solar batteries and power systems endure hotter average temperatures.

Whenever and wherever you need power

Power supplies in remote areas are very difficult and expensive to install. Rising fuel costs have affected the cost effectiveness of operating generators. You need your remote area power system (RAPS) to be reliable and cost effective to keep running not just for today’s needs but for tomorrow’s opportunities.

Whether you are looking for clean, off grid power helping you drive down your environmental impact or looking for reliable, cost effective power for off grid networks, Battery Energy has a power solution to meet your needs.

Why choose Battery Energy power solutions

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, our solar battery range is engineered for maximum performance, reliability and service life. Our solar solutions, including the industry leading SunGEL, are capable of enduring extreme and harsh conditions.

Our off grid solar batteries are designed in Australia to endure hotter average temperatures compared to other batteries in the industry. This gives our batteries a 20 year lifespan at 25 degrees so you know the batteries will last while the sun is beating down. In fact, our batteries are designed to last in cold areas as well with operating temperature range of -20 to 55 degrees.

We understand that when you need energy in remote areas, you don’t want to be concerned about failure rates or maintenance. Our GEL batteries are maintenance free and use thick plate advanced carbon technology to ensure a longer life cycle.

Our Solar Hybrid Power solutions are customisable with variable system size scalable to suit your needs. They feature remote monitoring and control to ensure your investment is optimised along with remote alarm systems for security.

Before we deliver our products, we complete 100% cell testing prior to dispatch, ensuring all products are ready to run for remote and difficult to access regions in Australia and around the world.

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