EnerLIFE Batteries

LiFePO4 batteries designed in Australia with a smart form factor to deliver safety, performance and lower total cost of ownership.

High density, sustainable lithium storage in a smart form factor

Battery Energy Power Solutions industrial grade lithium batteries are an efficient and economical solutions for energy storage systems.

Designed in Australia using lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, the EnerLIFE product range has undergone five years of rigorous development and product verification to meet Battery Energy's quality standards. This ensures these batteries are inherently safe and stable that comply with strict Australian standards, Battery Energy lithium batteries are made for the toughest environments.

Featuring high energy density in a smart form factors, Battery Energy EnerLIFE lithium batteries are the right choice. The 48V 100 Ah (5 kW) batteries are designed for commercial and industrial applications means you can pack a lot of energy into a small space leaving more room for network equipment.

Big in energy. Small in size

EnerLIFE lithium batteries are compact and scalable. Optimised for limited real estate and designed for a 19” rack, they provide about 5 kWh of energy storage in a small package. Their lightweight design means you can reduce your battery bank’s weight up to 60%.

Installation and maintenance are made simpler with the easy to use snap on front terminal connectors. To ensure these batteries are robust, each cell is connected with a welded busbar avoiding the need for delicate soldiering joints. Each battery also features double pole 125 Ah protection to offer an extra layer of safety and mechanical isolation, especially in parallel operation.

Remote monitoring built-in

Enjoy a lower total cost of ownership thanks to the maintenance free design combined with the smart remote monitoring feature saving you from operational costs and unplanned downtime.

Each battery has its own built-in management to maintain the battery’s life and efficiency. The advanced battery self-management system (BMS) helps protect your investment by ensuring optimal operating parameters for temperature and charging preventing critical problems. This helps extend the life of your battery as well as ensuring they are safe and reliable.

Helping you avoid expensive and unnecessary maintenance programs, the remote monitoring lets you easily check your battery system performance.

Long lifecycle and fast charging

The high quality chemistry of the Battery Energy lithium battery range means your batteries will last longer, recharge faster and have a superior cycle life. The low self-discharge and high round-trip efficiencies result in lower cost of your energy storage as less energy is lost during operation. These batteries have greater flexibility due to their ability to operate continuously at a partial state of charge without harm.

With safety at the forefront of this design, each 16S1P prismatic cell is enclosed robust metal casing to provide increased stability.

Australian designed for safety and reliability

Stable, high quality chemistry give you safe, reliable power. Compliant with Australian Standards.

Guaranteed quality. Tested locally and ready for deployment

Triple QA process from manufacture to 100% cell testing as well as individual battery identification number.

Industry leading local Australian support

Accessible subject-matter experts for efficient troubleshooting and support direct from the manufacturer. On-site support available if required.

Scalable high density storage

Space efficient, compact footprint allows for ease of system expansion freeing up valuable real estate for other equipment.

Built-in battery management system

Manages real-time control of the operating parameters of the battery to extend the battery life.

Better return on investment

A long term competitive pay off over the lifespan of the battery.

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