EnerLIFE Batteries

LiFePO4 batteries designed in Australia with a smart form factor to deliver safety, performance and lower total cost of ownership.

EnerLIFE Battery Management System overview

Battery Energy Li‑ion Battery Management System offers

  1. Real time Monitoring function – Monitors Battery capacity, voltage, current, SOC and SOH information; Cell voltages; Temperature; Serial Port communications; System status; Alarm and protection status, Fault status, and switch control.
  2. Multi-monitoring function – For display/monitoring and recording test data.
  3. Memory information and Parameter setting – Ability to Read/ Write all Battery parameters; Reset settings; Import and Export current battery parameters in XML file format.
  4. System Configuration – Battery calibration and parameters settings can be altered. Requires administration privileges.
  5. Export Data – used to export test data
  6. “Change language” function – allows you to change language if desired.
  7. Charge Limiter function – allows you to control battery charging current.
  8. Address Switch Function – For battery operation in  parallel, this function allows you to assign address for the main battery and slave modules.
  9. Communication Function – RS485 and RS232 Interface.
  10. LED Indicators – There are 6 LEDs on front panel to show battery working status. They are; RUN, Alarm and 4 x SOC Indicating LEDs
  11. Battery protection



Cell Over Voltage Protection

Battery Over Voltage Protection

Cell Under Voltage Protection

Battery Under  Voltage Protection



Charge Over Current Protection

Discharge Over Current Protection

Charge Over Temperature Protection

Discharge Over Temperature Protection

Charge Under Temperature Protection

Discharge Under Temperature Protection

MOSFET Over Temperature Protection

Environment Over Temperature Protection

Environment Under Temperature Protection

Short Circuit Fault Protection

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