SunGEL Ultra Batteries

A safe and superior storage system with a life expectancy to meet the demands of heavy cycling for both on and off-grid solar applications.

Battery Energy has been supplying proven and reliable battery storage systems on and off grid for 30 years.

Battery Energy’s Thick Plate Advanced Carbon Technology is industry leading and will continue to be installed in high temperature and cycling applications with Australias most innovative companies. When developing our technology in conjunction with the CSIRO there was a strong focus on delivering a product with superior cycling and life expectancies.

The result is a product with unique chemical and molecular characteristics which, along with advanced production methods differentiate it from other GEL batteries in the marketplace. These superior life characteristics apply to both the battery's cycling performance and its ability to combat varying extreme environmental conditions. For the highest level of reliability Battery Energy has the capability to design and customise products to meet increasing demands in the supply of energy storage for Solar, Communications, Rail, Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Transmission, UPS and Mining.

Backed by extensive research and development

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO and developed for high performance, reliability and long life

Temperature tolerant

Designed to endure extreme and harsh conditions while performing exceptionally

Ideal for remote and difficult to access regions

100% cell testing prior to dispatch to ensure batteries are fully charged & prepared for reliable performance


SunGEL Ultra Batteries

  • Superior life under extreme climatic conditions
  • Specifically designed corrosion resistant alloys
  • High performance, long life active material, carbons and robust thick plate technology
  • Hi-tech gel formulation to prevent electrolyte ‘dryout’
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge
  • 100% cell testing prior to dispatch to ensure batteries are fully charged & prepared for reliable performance

Technical overview and downloads

Type:  Sealed valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) GEL battery with Advanced Carbon and Catalyst Technology
Designed in:  Australia
Design life:  20 Years at 25°C
Safety vent:  Self resealing flame arrestor
Self discharge:  2.5% per month
Float voltage:  2.25 – 2.30 VPC
Boost charge:  2.40 – 2.45 VPC
Equalisation charge:  2.40 – 2.50 VPC
Seals:  Multiple ‘O’ ring seal with long life adhesive
Terminals:  No exposed non lead surfaces
Tourque setting:  M10 Terminals - 10–12 Nm. M8 Terminals - 8–10 Nm.
Casing:  Flame retardant  to ABS UL94V-0
Compliance:  AS 4029.2, IEC 60896 21&22, IEC 896.2
Recyclable:  Yes – 100% recyclable material

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SunGEL Ultra Batteries