Battery Energy Power Solutions + Enatel Energy

Battery Energy Power Solutions + Enatel Energy

Working together to deliver innovative power and energy storage solutions.

September 10, 2020
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Battery Energy Power Solutions are pleased to announce the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Enatel Energy. This partnership will formalise the existing strong relationship between Battery Energy and Enatel, bringing together a more strategic focus on solution development.

"We are extremely pleased to sign this partnership agreement with Enatel, a company with whom we have a shared vision to provide industry leading technology. As two companies committed to innovation and creating customer focused solutions, we are excited about the many advantages such a partnership can offer." — Adrian Edgar, Battery Energy Executive Director

Both Battery Energy and Enatel recognise each company’s synergies and growing interests in customised energy solutions. Enatel’s strength is more than just a manufacturing company. They are a leading edge design house and an ever evolving development company that is a world class technology provider of power conversion products.

Within the ever-changing energy landscape, Battery Energy has evolved over the years by broadening its battery offering to the design, development and delivery of premier energy storage solutions, to meet and exceed growing demand for sophisticated power needs today and into the future. With Battery Energy’s significant investment in experienced people and its Australian Configuration Centre it made sense to partner with Enatel.

The partnership will allow both companies to take advantage of their robust supply chains across Australia and New Zealand and allow for significant stock to be held in Sydney, Australia.

The market is primed and ready for serious inroads from established power solutions providers like Battery Energy and Enatel.

About Battery Energy Power Solutions

For over 30 years in Australia, Battery Energy Power Solutions have proudly designed, developed, and delivered premier energy storage solutions to exceed the needs of today and into the future. Battery Energy offer a flexible product range, together with our design capabilities, project management and value-add services.

About Enatel Energy

Enatel is a leading technology provider of proven critical power and smart energy solutions. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand and with over 30 years of experience, Enatel Energy design, develop, manufacture and distribute DC power, standby power and industrial power systems.

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