Safe and sustainable batteries made in Australia thanks to new partnership

Safe and sustainable batteries made in Australia thanks to new partnership

Battery Energy Power Solutions and Gelion Technologies partner to manufacture Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2 ) GEL batteries in Australia.

September 8, 2021
Company updates
  • Battery Energy Power Solutions will provide manufacturing scale up of Gelion’s Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2 ) batteries at their site in Fairfield, Sydney.
  • University of Sydney’s designed Gelion Battery is a novel non-flow ZnBr2 battery is a low cost, safe, recyclable alternative to lithium ion and has been optimised for a wide temperature range, suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions.
  • The partnership will accelerate Gelion’s speed to market by providing exclusive distribution rights to Battery Energy for Australia and New Zealand and complement their future technology offerings.

Australian battery manufacturer, Battery Energy Power Solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Gelion Technologies (Gelion). The new agreement will see Gelion’s Zinc Bromide (ZnBr2 ) GEL batteries made in Australia using Battery Energy facilities in Sydney as well as distribution networks. Production followed by testing and verification will be carried out during 2022 with full commercial deployment by first quarter 2023.

With manufacturing in Australia typically going overseas, Gelion CEO, Andrew Grimes, stated, “We are very excited to work with Battery Energy. Their 30 years of experience delivering customer centric power solutions in harsh environments will be invaluable in helping us deploy our technology in our own backyard”.

Gelion’s battery shares similar manufacturing characteristics to Battery Energy’s Advanced GEL lead acid battery technology. This allows Gelion to leverage the existing lead acid manufacturing equipment, techniques, and processes used by Battery Energy. The new agreement will create a significant number of Australian jobs.

Gaby Peimer, Battery Energy’s Managing Director, sees an exciting and collaborative partnership going forward. “Battery Energy has built strong, long term customer relationships and we continue to raise our reputation for being a reliable and innovative supplier. Partnering with Gelion to establish a manufacturing and distribution partnership of their non-flow batteries will only complement and enhance our business.“

A safer and more cost effective alternative to lithium batteries, the recently developed Gelion battery provides a stable long-life energy source. In contrast with lithium, Gelion batteries can be safely transported and stored with no risk of exploding or catching fire. The Gelion batteries, are also better for the environment as they are fully recyclable and manufactured using more sustainable materials.

Unlike zinc bromide flow batteries, the patented GEL chemistry replaces the liquid bromine used in flow batteries. This reduces the complexity of the design creating a more robust unit that is cheaper to maintain as well as manufacture. The zinc bromide chemistry is able to operate in high temperature environments with out the need for cooling making it perfect for the harsh Australian climate. The chemistry also allows the battery to be fully discharged with no harm to performance. This battery is desiged to last up to 5,000 cycles with a 100% depth of discharge.

Battery Energy believes that the Gelion Technology has an adaptable battery platform that offers significant advantages over lithium and other newer technologies filling a void of the Battery Energy product portfolio.

As renewable energy continues to boom, Battery Energy are committed to innovation and technical excellence and are continually developing and enhancing the Battery Energy product range.

"Always listening to our clients to ensure we are innovating and delivering energy solutions they need both now, and in the future. Our partnership with Gelion is another example of how we explore opportunities to bring groundbreaking technology to the market," — Adrian Edgar, Executive Director for Battery Energy.

The total market globally for clean technologies is set to double between now and 2025 reaching a projected AU$1.4 trillion and then grow exponentially until 2050. As renewable energy continues to thrive, demand for battery storage will also increase in the coming decades. With the turmoil caused by Covid-19 pandemic, this has been boosted further with governments looking to reboot their economies post Covid-19 and looking to bring a shift to a more resilient and cleaner energy future manufactured in Australia.

The move will enable Battery Energy Power Solutions and Gelion to deliver positive environmental outcomes and ensure Australia plays a critical role in the global battery revolution.

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