Australian Designed To Survive Vibration in Critical Rolling Stock & Trackside Applications

Battery Energy has been supplying proven and reliable battery storage systems on and off grid for 30 years.

Battery Energy’s Thick Plate Advanced Carbon Technology is industry leading and will continue to be installed in high temperature and cycling applications with Australia’s most innovative companies.

In developing our technology in conjunction with the CSIRO, there was a strong focus on delivering a product with superior life performances and also able to withstand abusive conditions such as high vibration and variable charging characteristic, which can frequently leave the batteries in a semi-dischargedstate.

The result is a product with unique chemical and molecular characteristics which, along with advanced production methods differentiate it from other GEL batteries in the marketplace. Our RailGEL batteries have been specifically protected against high vibration environments and known to be resistant to pasteshedding.

For the highest level of reliability Battery Energy has the capability to design and customise products to meet increasing demands in the supply of Energy Storage for Solar, Communications, Rail, Oil & Gas, Power Generation & Transmission, UPS and Mining.

Developed by Battery Energy with the collaboration of CSIRO

Comply with regulations of non-toxic smoke for underground applications

Long life and continued reliable performance

High performance, long life active material, carbons and robust thick plate technology

Ideal solution for rolling stock and trackside applications

Built to last through superior design, high-quality materials and pride of workmanship



  • ‍Superior life under varying rigors of rolling stock & track side application
  • Lock bonded construction to minimize the effects of vibration
  • Excellent high rate discharge
  • Hi-tech gel formulation to prevent electrolyte ‘dryout’
  • Excellent recovery from deep discharge
  • 100% cell testing prior to dispatch to ensure batteries are fully charged & prepared for reliable performance

Technical overview and downloads

Design Life:   20 Years* (*12V products are 16 year design life)
Plate Separator:   Micro porous PVC with Fiberglass
Safety vent:   Self-resealing 150mbar
Self discharge:   2.5 % per month
Float voltage:   2.25 – 2.275 Volts per cell
Boost charge:   2.40 - 2.45 Volts per cell
Equalisation charge:   2.40 - 2.50 Volts per cell
Seals:   'O' ring seal with long life adhesive
Terminals:   M8 female insert
Casing:   Flame retardant UL94V-O & BS6334 FVO
Compliance:   AS 4029.2, AS 4086.1, IEC 60896 21&22, IEC 896.2

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