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Container Transparent Styrene Acrylonitrile
Cover Styrene Acrylonitrile
Seperator System Micro porous PVC
Retainer System Fibreglass mat
Vents Explosion proof SAN vent
Electrolyte Reservoir
Up to 360 ah 48mm
360 to 715 ah 55mm
From 715 ah 80mm
Sediment Space
Up to 360 ah 20mm
360 to 715 ah 25mm
From 715 ah 50mm
Specific Gravity 1240 +/- 5kg per m3
Intercell Hardware Antimonial Lead
Positive Grid 99.97% Lead
Negative Grid Antimonial lead alloy (4%)
Plate Thickness
Up to 360 ah 7.2mm
360 to 715 ah 7.4mm
From 715 ah 8.4mm
Shrouds Transparent

*Some cells 910 ah upwards, are supplied with a 1210 +/- 5kg per m3 gravity.
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