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In today's world our dependence upon reliable communications systems is indisputable. The essence of this reliability is the support provided by storage batteries. These batteries must be able to supply the energy requirements of telecommunication systems without fail each and every time they are called upon. They must be able to filter out the interruptions, quality fluctuations, and 'noise' attributable to generated power supplies in order to protect the integrity of today's advanced but delicate electronics.

EnerGEL batteries are designed to provide reliable, long-term support into critical telecommunication applications.

Incorporating Battery Energy's SuperGEL technology, the EnerGEL range of products combines the robust characteristics of familiar 20-year flooded technology with the greatly reduced maintenance and real estate requirements of recombination sealed cells. The performance and longevity of EnerGEL products is exceptional in well-controlled environments. Under adverse conditions such as elevated temperatures or deep discharge, the performance, life and recovery capabilities of EnerGEL secure the reliability necessary to critical installations.

The SunGEL range was developed in response to a market demand for longer life batteries for remote communications applications. Again incorporating SuperGEL technology, SunGEL is specifically designed for remote areas with outstanding cycle life and the ability to maintain long life reliability under extreme environmental conditions. SunGEL requires very little attention over time and is therefore ideal for locations, which are difficult and expensive to access.

For telecommunication systems owners who may have existing facilities for flooded electrolyte batteries and wish to continue their association, Battery Energy manufacture pure lead EnerLYTE batteries to telecoms standards, which have been proven over many decades. SunCYCLE was the first battery designed and manufactured in Australia specifically for cycling in renewable energy systems. Through its thick plate technology and special alloy construction SunCYCLE retains its reputation as Australia's premier conventional Solar battery.

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