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Solar RAPS

Solar applications are quite unique in that virtually all of the factors which serve to shorten the service life of batteries come into play. In most instances the location is remote with no conventional power supply. In Australia where the SunGEL technology was developed this invariably means temperature extremes often difficult access for at least part of the year and tortuous transport conditions over which the batteries travel to site.

The proven resistance to abuse including overcharge and operation in a semi discharged state as well as unsurpassed performance at elevated temperatures, due to thick plate and specific alloy.

The very efficient recombination technology provides a sealed battery, which requires very little maintenance. This means that service attention at regular short intervals is not required as with conventional vented batteries. Maintenance checks can be co-ordinated according to seasonal access constraints or planned to coincide with maintenance visits for other equipment.

SunGEL batteries are designed to withstand the rigorous transport conditions associated with most remote site installations. The internal element is anchored top, bottom and sides to minimise the physical impact of vibration on the battery. Complemented by substantial packaging protection, maximum opportunity is afforded SunGEL to arrive at the most difficult locations intact.

The essence of the SunGEL technology is its superior cycle life. Under conditions where many others are citing cycle lives in the hundreds of cycles, SunGEL boasts thousands. When reliable energy storage is a necessity SunGEL is the solution.

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