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Few environments require as much from a battery as in rolling stock applications used by rail infrastructure.

The vibration of moving railcars and elevated temperatures in the battery compartment spells early failure for batteries not specifically designed for the purpose and location. RailGEL is specifically designed for extended service life under these conditions. The robust nature of Battery Energy's SuperGEL technology incorporated in RailGEL combined with high level protection against the rigors of vibration give RailGEL unequalled performance in rolling stock applications.

SuperGEL technology provides a very long design life, even at elevated operating temperatures and RailGEL has been independently tested to rigorous vibration standards. RailGEL has unsurpassed reliability, low maintenance and no need to negotiate the hazards of handling flooded cells giving you the ideal battery for the support of critical rail equipment.

High performance, low corrosion, thick plate design is combined with the safe operating and low maintenance features of the world's most advanced sealed gel technology to produce an extremely long life battery which will provide power requirements through cycling, perform the cranking duties of engine starting and be on call in case of power source failure.

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