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Positive plate thickness 5.4mm (RG) 4.0mm (RGP)
Positive plate separation Micro porous PVC with fiberglass (RG - 2.9mm) (RGP – 1.9mm)
Safety vent Self resealing 150 mbar
Self discharge 2.5% per month
Float voltage 2.25 – 2.275 VPC*
Boost charge 2.45 VPC*
Equalisation charge 2.45 VPC for 6 hours*
Short circuit current Approximately 17 x rated capacity (RG)
Approximately 22 x rated capacity (RGP)
Seals Multiple ‘O’ ring seal with long life adhesive
No exposed non lead surfaces
Flame retardant to UL94V-O and BS6334 FVO
Compliance IEC 60896 Part2, AS 4029.2, IEC 60896 21 & 22 (2004)
Secured elements Lock bonded to provide outstanding resistance to rolling stock vibration (IEC 61373)

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