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RailGEL batteries from Battery Energy incorporate SuperGEL long life plate technology and lock bonded manufacturing techniques to produce vibration resistant long life batteries that have been specifically developed for rolling stock applications. Railway applications consist of two main requirements, either starting the locomotive or providing standby support for the carriages. They are characterized by fairly difficult environments, including high vibration and variable-charging characteristics, which frequently can leave the batteries in a semi discharged state.

It is essential to have a battery of the highest reliability for these applications. When Battery Energy and CSIRO developed SuperGEL technology, they focused on a product with superior life characteristics under abusive conditions, such as are frequently found in solar installations in remote areas and float/standby operations under extreme temperature conditions.

The RailGEL batteries have been specifically protected against high vibration environments and have passed the appropriate testing. Gel batteries are known to be resistant to paste shedding, the main failure mode in high vibration environments. SuperGEL batteries are also designed to resist problems when operating under reduced states of charge. RailGEL batteries will outperform traction batteries typically used for starting applications in high current, cyclic life capability as well as providing significant maintenance savings as no water has to be added over the lifetime of the battery.

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