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PowerLYTE batteries from Battery Energy are a premium AGM battery designed for industrial standby applications for such market as telecommunications, IT, UPS, railways, fire and security, power generation and distribution. The PowerLYTE batteries are a low maintenance sealed battery making them easy to transport and highly manageable for installation and service. They are commonly used in applications to insure the reliability of a vital system where critical performance in time of need is a required.

The PowerLYTE batteries are independently certified by major international certification agencies. They comply with international quality, manufacturing, and environmental standards. The manufacturer has obtained major international certificates in product quality management and manufacturing process. Some of these are as follows;

  • ISO9001
  • UL (USA) Number: MH27867
  • CE (Europe) Number: G4M201014-0412-E-16

Battery Energy's PowerLYTE batteries go through the same rigorous quality assessment as our locally manufactured product.

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