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Regardless of the type of generating plants involved many millions of dollars' worth of infrastructure and plant are placed at risk when something goes amiss. Not to mention the consequential costs to the consumer. Over the years, power station design engineers have relied upon multiple systems of protection to avoid disaster in such instances. At the heart of these protection systems is a reliable battery bank.

From providing emergency power to oil pumps in order to protect turbines and bearings to energising electronic control systems, which switch to operating power plants and arrange orderly start-up and shutdown, the batteries play a critical role in everyday operation and effective reaction to incidents.

The cost of the batteries relative to the potential costs of not having the insurance they provide requires no explanation. The most critical factor in battery selection then will be long-term reliability.

The EnerGEL range of batteries is designed to provide exceptional service life 20+ years under power station conditions. The robust characteristics of Battery Energy's SuperGEL technology incorporated in the EnerGEL design ensure the highest level of electrical integrity even when conditions are less than ideal.

At operating level EnerGEL offers a design life equal to the better traditional vented batteries without the accompanying requirement for high-level maintenance and expensively serviced battery rooms.

For existing installations EnerGEL makes an ideal replacement for old technology vented cells as EnerGEL requires less real estate, will operate under the same charging regime and will have a similar tolerance to ripple and temperature. In other words if vented cells are directly replaced with EnerGEL there is no requirement to replace existing chargers (assuming they are still functioning normally) or infrastructure.

In locations where vented cells are a preferred option Battery Energy has the time proven, thick plate EnerLYTE range. Again a 20+ years design life battery.

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