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When safety and reliability are key considerations, Battery Energy's EnerGEL range of sealed lead acid batteries are at the forefront. Incorporating the world leading edge technology of SuperGEL was developed in Australia specifically for safe, efficient electrical support in a broad range of operating temperatures and conditions.

The robust nature of EnerGEL ensures reliable performance and long life under conditions which would often spell early failure for other batteries.

In mining, where downtime is measured in millions of dollars the capabilities of EnerGEL and SunGEL provide comfort and insurance in support of this key industry.

With no requirement to handle the 'topping up' or spillages of acid associated with traditional batteries the associated hazards are avoided entirely.

The EnerGEL and SunGel technology finally provides what the industry has required for some time. A service life equal to traditional vented batteries without the attendant maintenance and associated hazards.

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