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EnerLYTE batteries from Battery Energy are designed to satisfy a broad range of applications in telecommunications, emergency lighting, switch tripping and UPS. Wherever non-mains power is required EnerLYTE provides an economical solution if total life cycle cost is considered. EnerLYTE batteries are built to Australian Standard AS4029.3 and manufactured to quality standard AS3901. Enerlyte offers a 20 year life expectancy under normal operating conditions.

Purpose designed thick plates for inhibition of corrosion and plate growth, high performance microporous PVC separation specially developed manufacturing processes deliver the quality required for exceptional performance. EnerLYTE provides high construction strength with thick walled containers and tongue in groove seals chemically bonded with high performance purpose developed polyester. All EnerLYTE accessories are of similar matching quality and ensure the long life performance of the battery when installed.

AS4029.3 style batteries (old AS1981) have been used as the battery of choice in Australia ever since the 1950's. They are known for their reliability and long life in a variety of different standby applications and come in a number of standard sizes.

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