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Battery Energy and CSIRO developed SuperGEL long life plate technology, they focused on developing a product with superior life characteristics. The SuperGEL battery technology incorporates unique chemical and molecular characteristics and production techniques that differentiate it from regular gel batteries.

Traditional sealed battery technology was developed in Europe and North America approximately 40 years ago. These batteries were typically manufactured for mass markets where the temperatures are cool. Generally in the past these batteries do not have a good life at environmental extremes. This called for the developent of a battery that would give a better life in extreme environments.

It is a fact that battery life is generally halved with every 10º C increase in average operating temperature.

From the initial development in the early 1990's Battery Energy has made major improvements to all aspects of the technology including float and high current performance, cycle life efficiency and resistance to sulphation. The current product is world leading technology for both float and cycling applications and has been recognized as such by many experts worldwide.

The superior life characteristics apply both to the performance of the battery under varying extreme climatic conditions and its robust construction that allows it to withstand both physical abuse and vibration as experienced during transport, installation, operation and electrical abuse such as overcharge or discharge.

The superior characteristics of SunGEL batteries have been tested and verified by the CSIRO as well as in a number of independent tests and the results of which prove the superiority of SuperGEL batteries under the most extreme test conditions.

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