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Battery Energy was established in 1987 and launched its revolutionary SuperGEL long life plate technology in the mid 1990's. Battery Energy manufactures a range of 20 year design life Gel batteries using its proprietary SuperGEL technology developed in collaboration with the CSIRO. Battery Energy's unique technology provides for a more robust and longer battery life than traditional manufacturing techniques especially in extreme climatic conditions, which makes it ideally suited to mission critical and safety applications in solar / RAPS, telecommunications, transport, power generation, military, railway and other applications.

Battery Energy also produces a range of flooded lead acid batteries also with a 20 year design life for applications where flooded batteries are preferred to gel batteries, which incorporate the benefits of long life plate technology.

In 2004 Battery Energy sourced a supply partnership for a range of premium quality AGM batteries. With strong product performance and life this has been a major success. Battery Energy is 100% Australian owned company and has the financial backing of its shareholders who continue investing in the development the business.

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